Monday, August 12, 2013

High Lights

It's safe to say that when the Shedgineers roll in you can be sure of high level antics and tomfoolery.  Their weekend appearance was no exception.  A fresh tall steed captained by El Bitsu Space Exlporer arrived to worthy applause.  'Cazaly' as it is titled is rumoured to be taller than the infamous Sky Lab....  Hmmm....  ...some measuring and further posturing may be required to settle that discussion.  There also seemed to be a shower of inverse shooting stars that appeared in the night sky around the time of their visit.

Move it shake it

A solid collection of lovable rogues showed up to assist in Shack transplanting over the weekend.  A decent Shack warming was held with many refreshments being prepared in our borrowed bike blender, courtesy of Smooth Revolution.  Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming cycle reconfiguration.  View below the supreme conditions and the picturesque donor yard, prior to violation.

And the general vibe!

Friday, August 09, 2013

The Radicals Formerly Known As

This is the beginning of my response.  I note sensitivity, complexity and the ideals of constructive criticism.  It goes something like this…

It is with great enthusiasm that I give my energy to the Tongue.  I agree with the sentiments of all of this discussion and whilst not personally present in formative times, I hold the utmost respect for that history.  Further to this, I will happily admit a schoolgirl like yearning that I held for the Tongue long before I began to participate.

In relation to specific recent events, it was somewhat of an experiment in giving positive recognition to a lineage of ideas and the idea of joining forces with other organisations.  It was an experiment that yielded distinct results.  It was a learning experience, conducted first-hand, that resulted in a clarity of understanding that comes only from immediate contact with an action.  Certainly, I would not choose to approach similar opportunities in the same way in the future.  It was very disappointing to see our proud title bandied about by others in ways that were not the intention of original discussions.

The idea of communication is one that I love.  It’s flaw, however, is that it needs people to engage with it on a regular basis for it to work.   I want the Tongue to burn bright both in people’s minds and in reality.  I want it to live long and prosper and am committed to pursuing ways for this to occur.

Chop Shack

Anyone wishing to reaffirm their love of the Tongue, share their complex belief system and demonstrate an undying comittment to keeping the fire burning the perfect opportunity has presented itself.
Chop Shack relocation.
Bike bits
Shit talking
Shredding on sick Tonguebikes
Some work-like movements.
Make it happen
This weekend.

What the Tongue means to me. Gooogle.

In the world before Tongue, primal chaos reigned.
Stockies sought order, but the Chopper can only fly when it's forks are grown.
The Four Welders formed again, and yet again,
as endless Fixies wheeled and passed.
Time, and the pure essences of Hotels,
the moistures of the Esky,
and the powers of the Saw and the Hammer,
all worked upon a certain frame-old as creation,
and it became magically fertile
That first Freak was named Tongue,
Lord Gravoxx, the Father Beard said:
"With our Grinders we make the world"
Elemental forces caused the wheels to spin,
From it then came a Stoned Tonguer

The Nature of Tonguers was Irrepressible!!

Also, due to this irrepressibility, in my opinion, The Tongue of Fire Bike Club,
which I love even more than touching myself, should avoid publicity and media
sluttage unless somehow agreed upon by a council of Elder-beardies to be
massively in our favour, without restriction to our freedoms, and not just for the
benefit of 'the few'. Let's face it. We all enjoy a bit of Exhibitionism, but we must be
 careful not to lose grip on this wonderful thing we have by letting the
 'Thin edge of the wedge' of outside influence anywhere near our workings.
 Pubicity, on the other hand, I have no problem with.

        TONGUE ON!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tallbikes says

Cut and pasted from comments (with a few spelling corrections)
"the thing that struck me about the tongue as it grew was 1; its under ground nature-standing for nothing answering to no one 2; and that it had a communal heart... especially where exposure to public was concerned, many organisations requested TOF's presence, [the main opening of the tour down under, unley gala, interviews by the Sunday mail and the Australian] all were discussed debated and most turned down, except the fringe parade crashing, and some Fear and Loathing collaboration, oh and that dodgy local movie thing...
So reading recent Bike SA posts inviting people on TOF rides is a bit out there for me personally. we have turned them down 3 times b4... id like to see the group keep the underground side of TOF alive and make these choices as a group, especially where exposure to the public's concerned.
That's what the name used to mean for me, a lot of people bled for this name, some lost bits of their anatomy because of the name... some didn't make it... We have history, lets remember it for direction as a group.
All for more building and riding always, but if people are going public with their stuff, how about we consider a public events name for those who want to peddle that path, just an idea"

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Eight years down the track and still rolling. What does ToF mean to me? Fun. The fun of making bikes, the fun of riding bikes. Independence. Being independent of money, groups, government, rules. Doing what we want when and where we want. Not being used by people who see something in ToF that they can work to their advantage. Being an unexpected incident in the lives of people.
The clamouring for ToF to be involved in stuff increases. And the stuff becomes more mainstream and controlled all the time. Government. Corporate sponsors. I feel that if ToF chooses to involve itself in an event it should be on it's own terms and ToF should come out on top, singe'd and reeking of beer.
There has been a great deal of change within ToF over the last two years. New people, new energy. Most importantly bikes are getting built again and this is a good sign.
The Tongue is the result of people doing stuff. The more an individual does the more effect this has on the nature of ToF. Some have done a lot in a short time. Some have done a lot in little bits over a long time. Some have just done a lot. Some people just turn up and ride. All this input has made ToF what it is. No one owns it, people should be able to have a say.
Now is the time for people to have a say. What does the Tongue mean to you ?
Anyone involved in the Tongue who doesn't have permission to post on this blog can email me, Lord Gravoxx ....bert(dot)john65(at)gmail(dot)com....and I will give you permission. This is for expressing what ToF means to you, not for attacking the beliefs of others.

Monday, August 05, 2013


       Bonzo says – SHOW US YER TONGUE!

                  This Sat   ***     10th of Aug  ****  Chop Shack gathering

For the purpose of talking shit about weird bikes, moving the Shack two doors down, drinking beers courtesy of Adelaide City Council, drinking freaky cocktails made in a freak bike blender, watching shit burn on the bush television, charring and consumption of dead vegetables and animals, reconfiguration of otherwise abandoned cycles and generally whooping it up.
Official working bee styles beginning slowly from 10am.
Drop by at any stage to say hi, or in the eve if you have other daytime activities on.
More hands will definitely make light work of this challenge.