Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is the rabbit!

Spot the difference, whos a little cutey then now he's given up wrestling the boys

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Upcoming Shit And That

*Screamathon Again Soon. Don't fret it's happening. Once down out of the stratosphere there will be an EXTREME DISCO DERBY on the UFO landing site. With prizes. And I know how juicy people get when I say WITH PRIZES! And there is a theme to Screamathon IV. Underwear on the outside.That's right it's time to let everyone know what your smalls look like without subjecting them to the hideous reality of your nakedity. Unless you want to.
*The Supreme Overlord Gravoxx's Birthday Ride Camp Out. That's right kiddies sometime in October we strap our swags/tents/eskies/BBQ's/etc on to our beloved steeds of doom and follow the Tongue of Fire cocktail bar into the mysterious "nature" to party in a truly uninhibited Tongue style. Don't bother asking your mums for permission, The Overlord already has and you're allowed.

For those who like to pretend they've got other stuff in their lives I will post some dates soon.