Saturday, March 01, 2014


Sunny skies of summer greeted a willing crew of various freaky cyclists in late Feb.  Pictured above is a face of fierce concentration, ready to handle to floppiest of chopper flop or perhaps a little tarnished with the disappointment of recently having a severe headtube angle modification courtesy of some fat bastard.  Luckily Richie was able to draw on his childhood spent travelling with the Moscow Circus and dinky his daughter for the remainder of the days proceedings.

The beginning of the ride turned out as one of those classic, not much riding, mostly waiting around, killing time kind of affairs.  Who were we waiting for you ask - could it be the Shedgineers?  Who will be referred to from this day on as the Puncture Magnets.  I believe Captain Wanga told me he was on his 25th patch by the time we caught up with them.

 Elvis Boozely demonstrating how gnomes launch themselves upwards from the ground onto their tall steeds.  Danoz the Time Machine demonstrating how to pick organic coconuts.

 Unmasked Green Bastard demonstrating the Burke and Wills pose.

Fearless FSK grommets fighting for a chance to ride a tall beast, not quite able to master the gnome jump mounting technique.

 Radical vintage frame treatments executed to the highest of standards.