Thursday, June 12, 2014

     Cargo Bike Ride

 After an early meeting at Belair
 it was a pleasant Scream down
 to the 'burbs for a coast to the
 city for a hand-full of bleary
 eyed Tonguers. Noise making
 being the theme, El Grapadura*
 once again proved his mechanical
 prowess with his "I'm bangin' that"
 rear drum set-up....

....while The Supreme Underling
Goooglox** was content to raid the
Music Room & Cable-tie Drawer for
anything that could be strapped on
and hit with a stick.

 Others however were content with
 Sunday morning moans & groans....

 ....while some simply proved that
style and functionality can work out
their differences and get along with
each other just fine.

  At the event, everyone's Christmas's
came at once when Bad Santa arrived
with the fully stocked KegKumbent....

 ....and went on to win the day and 
the "Toughest Bike" award, complete
with trophy! He was all smiles too!

No award was given for knowing 
where the thirsty Tonguers
could be found.

 Thanks go to Bad Santa for the beer,
and to Peewee for giving us something 
to do with our FREAK ON!!!

*Must find name with less sylables
**Self appointed


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