Monday, May 19, 2014

   Have yourself an early night and be ready to

   Date: Sunday 25th May 2014.
   Time: 9am meet for 10am start.
  Place: Starting at Belair Triangle. Finishing 
             Edwards Park, southern parklands, City.
Theme: Bring the noise! The plan is to crash a
             Velo-Fringe Cargo Bike racing event,
             win all the races and make an unholy
             racket in the process.
Noises: Bring bells, whistles, gongs, drums
             squeakers, clangers, rattlers, clappers,
             hooters and twangers. Get as many 
             noise makers as you can, strap them 
             to your bike, tape them to your person
             and glue them in your hair.
             ( Any hair will do ) Also it would be
             great if many, if not all bikes have
             "Spoke Cards" attached. We want to
             be as loud as possible.

   How: Getting up the hill on time is going to
             be interesting. Elvis Boozely has 
             kindly offered to stay up all night so 
             he will be bright, fresh and ready to
             receive riders at the Chop Shack
             from 8am, for the purposes of loading
             a trailer with bikes and hopefully a 
             van of some description with riders.
             These vehicular requirements have not
             yet been arranged so if you have a
             trailer/van and you can help on the day
             please let us (Gooogle & Boozely) 
             know. It seems unlikely that I can be
             there for trailerings/vannings on the
             day, so it's a massive handball onto
             you, the Tongus Populii to try to
             figure it out and don't forget to...

 p.s. Naps: Afternoon naps will be compulsory
                  so as to avoid "The Grumps". Nap
                  times will be allocated on a grumpiest
                  first basis.


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