Tuesday, January 28, 2014

                   RIDE RESULTS

 I love a sun-burnt Yobbo
In a band of spewing Teens.
Of ragged jetty ladders.
Of Suey's and ruptured spleens.
I love a well cooked sausage.
I love Beer from the Esky.
The Freedoms and the Flag-capes.
"It's Fuckin' 'Straya Dickhead!"
 for me.

 The 2014 "Day After" ride has gone swimmingly.
After a pleasant and eventual start of the downhill
section a brand new sport was spontaneously

                Precision Synchronized Tall-bike Mounting.

 ...resulting in a 7.4 from the judges. Keep practicing
Boys. Upon lower ground it was discovered that our 
way was blocked. This led to a diversion whereupon
whole new tracts of previously unexplored suburbia
were made witness to the magnificence of the

                     Proof that not all Tonguers are high.

 Down at the shore the jetty was taken with little or
no casualties, and the Tongue was wetted with feats of
great bravado....and lesser foots of general splashiness.
Meanwhile new beasts posed in the sunshine....

                             Who's a pretty boy then?

 ....while older, more patriotic beasts quietly and
contentedly rusted in the corner....

                          G'day Bruce.

 ....and others showed that there is still something
out there for the man who has everything.

                                  Hello Sailor.

 The excitement proved too much for some and
they were inclined to take up Yogic Trance positions.
Quietly chanting the Tall-Bikers mantra: "How do I get
on? How do I get off? How do I get on? How do I get off?"

                         Tonguing on the Astral Plane.

 Back on the road, one Tonguer was despondent,
for not a single citizen had inquired of him his
intended plan of action for Dis-mount.

                          Any Questions? Anyone?

 One jetty not being enough, it was decided to
take another for good measure.

                          Southern flank secured.

 With this jetty firmly in the grip of the Tongue,
more splashing about was in order before all were 
called home to their respective Mothers. But for the
tragic loss of a hair-tie a grand time was had by
all and Australia herself was made just that little
bit freakier.



Blogger James Dodd said...

A very photofreakingenic day. No sign of low flying squids!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Gooogle said...

Squidy has toweled himself off and gone back to his day job.

9:08 PM  

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