Friday, September 19, 2008

Come N Geddit

Too, too much bicycle stuff. Come and help yourself to bikes and bits of bikes. You never know someone might help you turn it into your very own freaky bike! Beer always helps. Saturday 11 October 10am onwards at HQ. If you don't know where that is email me

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Alright my sumptuous cyclo children of downhill doom WRITE THIS DATE IN YOUR LITTLE DIARIES SO DREARY, THEN THRUST THEM DEEP INTO YOUR WARM SECRET PLACES. 18~19th October. The Supreme Overlord Gravox, who cannot be refused, cordially demands your presence at his KAOTIC KUITPO KAPERS. Bring what you need, hope for what you want and expect wierdness. People who need a bike build one or make T.S.O.G blush by whispering in a hot breathy way in his shell like ear. We will have racing, we will have fire and we will Ultra Hyper Mega Turbo Good Times. If YOU think that YOU can contribute in any meaningful/meaningless kind of way contact T.S.O.G (see last post). Stay tuned as event details unfold like some time elapse jungle flower on a David Attenborough documentary. About jungle flowers.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gravoxx's Kuitpo Kamp Out Kapers

For your pleasure there will be a Tongue Of Fire overnighter in Kuitpo Forest. Base camp will be set up Saturday morning in the Chookarloo Camp Ground where we can have large legal fires, music and mayhem. Early afternoon we ride from the camp ground deep into the dark forest to disrupt the eerie quiet with high volume vocalisation of our fear and delight as we race down down a 2km long grassy track. At who knows what time later we return to Camp Tongue to get primeaval around the flames. All friends and allies of the Tongue are welcome and despite the extreme nature of this event T.S.O.G sees it as being suitable for well supervised children. The camp sites need to be booked so please peruse the following dates and let the T.S.O.G know *ALL* of the listed ones that suit you.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


VAGRANTS found raiding the bins at HQ .
Who left the gate open !