Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gravoxx's Kuitpo Kamp Out Kapers

For your pleasure there will be a Tongue Of Fire overnighter in Kuitpo Forest. Base camp will be set up Saturday morning in the Chookarloo Camp Ground where we can have large legal fires, music and mayhem. Early afternoon we ride from the camp ground deep into the dark forest to disrupt the eerie quiet with high volume vocalisation of our fear and delight as we race down down a 2km long grassy track. At who knows what time later we return to Camp Tongue to get primeaval around the flames. All friends and allies of the Tongue are welcome and despite the extreme nature of this event T.S.O.G sees it as being suitable for well supervised children. The camp sites need to be booked so please peruse the following dates and let the T.S.O.G know *ALL* of the listed ones that suit you.


Blogger Lyn said...

11/10 is bad for me as Kym and I having a bit of a Build a Dumb Bike Do at The Hut Community Centre in Aldgate ,I thought i might call it something like Platform Bike something as we will be doing stuff on a railway platform. Trainspotters tolerated. Oxy set, cut off saw, grinders, some dead bikes and a bbque supplied, No drugs or piss as it is a nice and tidy people place( with some public liability insurance) We will just see if there is a bit of hills people interest in such things.Flat Landers will also be tolerated.Interested possums might like to contact me via 8339 4400 (The Hut)to get my mobile number wot i am not putting on the blog. Other than this shameless advertising thingy I'm in for any other week end.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Kurious said...

The tongue goes bush! (That sounds so much ruder when typed in the UK.) Hope this is the first of many spooky forest frays cause I'll be back in town in 2009.

12:22 AM  
Blogger H.A. said...

oh well i guess we can organise another for her ladyshipness. we'll be more experienced in the art of tonguing the bush next year.

1:12 PM  

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