Tuesday, December 09, 2014


         Ride 2014

                            Santa?...You've changed man.

      As I'm sure you are all aware Jebus' birthday is almost upon us,
     which means that once again the Tongue of Fire Bike Club must
     ride to the aid of the hapless civilians and save them from their 
     own madness and the spell of the consumption that afflicts them.
      As we also know, nothing snaps a "normal" out of their delusions
     better or faster than a good old fashioned Freak-Out.
       That's where we come in...

                 Where: West Terrace Rotunda
                  When: Saturday 20th December
                             2pm-ish for 3pm-ish start
                   What: City-centric Freakliness and
                             general attempts to bring down
                             the consumerist nightmare that
                             threatens to engulf us all.
                    Why: Haven't you been paying attention?

      Kindly remember that this is an ANTICHRIST-MAS ride so by all
     means pinus your erectus, polish your baubles and shave a rude
     word into your downstairs tinsel but please leave them at home.
      Remember also, we ride not to embrace it but instead to....

                  Bring it down!!

    BRING IT DOWN!!!          


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to be making a connection between LOTR and Xmas.

Is it the effing elves?

10:03 PM  
Blogger Gooogle said...

Elves's! We hates's them!!

But seriously, no Tolkien references here. The first Pic is just Santa nowadays. He's over it. The second Pic is just Santa fighting back against the madness of modern consumerism. He is pissed!!

8:36 PM  

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