Sunday, June 22, 2014

  Save Our Sol Ride

 Once again it was up to
the Tongue of Fire B.C.
to save the Earth and the
Solar System itself. 
 With our Sun fading into
a premature heat-death
it was decided that 
someone had better do
something about it.
 Pagan peddling rites and
general burning of stuff
seemed the only option
to re-invigorate our 
failing Sun.

 Such rites included the
offering of a shiny new
freak-bike to the spirits
of the highest mountain...

        El Grapadura laughs at the laws of Physics*.

 ...and the donning of Magic
Druidical Pagan dress...

        Elvis Boozely may require de-lousing.

 ...and also this.

        Can anyone spot the Tonguer?

 With the Sun failing before
our eyes, the weather was
bleak. But not so much as to
put off the dedicated freakers.

         Hairy Poppins?

  We were fortunate enough to
have international guest**
"Andre die Deutscher" who flew
down from warmer climes just
to aid us in our quest. We were
unfortunate enough to let him
get lost just a little way into the
Up/Down-hill section of the ride.
We set about looking for him.... all places.

          "O.K. Now cough". *

 Eventually he was found and
the downhill section completed.
It looked something like this:
 ( Warning! Loud wind noise! )

    For sale: Honourary Tonguer Wanga's handle bars.
             ( Seems he no longer needs them.)

 Then it was a race against time
across the plains to the 

        Note: The Cosmic Warrior German
       can be seen here on the left of the picture.
       (Take a good look 'cos he gets lost again) order to set fire
to our Tony Abbott styled
Wicker Man before the setting
of the Sun....

        A splitting image. at precisely Sunset, 
(give or take an hour or two)
firey brands were applied to
the Wicked Man, but just like 
our leader it proved a bit wet.
 A couple of drops from Wanga's
hip-flask of accelerant soon got
him going....

         Burn Motherfucker!!!!!!!

...which is when things
started to get Real Freaky!!!

         Mate or fight?...They seem unsure.
 Happy Winter Solstice All!!
( Except for you know who.)
        *With this truely
        beautiful machine.
       **Andre was a nice guy
       and probably not lost
       up anyones Bum.


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