Monday, February 07, 2011


* 8.00pm The Supreme Overlord Gravoxx's Tour of Melrose. Learn all there is to know about all the TSOG knows about this quiet little portal to space madness.

* 11.00am The Limp Jimmy 2011 Freakbike Sprint Series. Elimination 100m sprints with prizes. (Winners MUST accept their prizes)

*3.30-4.00pm Freakbike/Clunker Grand Parade. The main street gets closed and the freakbike and clunker riders get to display themselves in all their glory. This is a modification and improvement on the Fat Tyre Festival's existing Clunker Crit. It is a TOF designated costume critical event. Every rider must have a costume of some creative effort. The suggested theme is Mad Max 2 Disco. Roadkill fur, afros, missing teeth, glitter and platforms. Or just wrap yourself in duct tape but costume effort is a must.

*6.00-9.00pm Pedal Spit. That's right several whole beasts rotating on Gravoxx's pedal powered spit. Tofu and grass available for vegetarians.

*9.00pm Band at the town hall. Flamin' Freakbike Flyby (This is not the band but a good name for a band nonetheless). Bring your combustables for a little unsanctioned nighty time fun.


*11pm Massive Mate Cocktail Recovery At The Mighty Hedge of Mystery Let the super ingredients of mate and alchohol synthesize for you the personality you've always wanted while you marvel at the seventh wonder of the Mid North after a pleasant dirt road ride.

*3-5pm Blinkered Figure Eight Racing for Elite Freakers. Buckets on for some slicing and dicing action. Winners must graciously accept their prizes.

* General Partying and Mayhem. Most participants will be enticed by the Fat Tyre Festival's Margarita Night at the top pub.

For extra bikiness OzFreaKon 3 is being run along side the Fat Tyre Festival in Melrose. Closet mountainbikers can bring their rigs for sweet singletrack action.
Accomodation is available at our awesome secret arena of scapey/ partying location. Undercover venue with nightlights on the arena of scrapey! Showers and laundry.
Transport options are being developed with bus and trailer possibilities.


All inquieries to;