Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whileout&about on Friday night M B Monkey esquire bumped into the bone-shakers loitering at the Torrens weir... It is to be reported that they were loudly insulting the tongue, proclaiming themselves as the coolest and toughest looking shakers in town, its all about looks with these precious boys, they even went as far as calling up our supremeness & leaving insulting messages on his phone! They’r getting bolshy these shakers, too big for their boots one might say...or jandles rather, as billbone displayed his fierce-om pigmy haka, after carefully looking round to check there were no jousting sticks in the area.
Wait till the drain ride this Friday night our audacious little friends when you bones are forced into a tight, dark hole with only the tongue's to light your way.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Antichrist-mas Ride III Results

Yet another superb effort to stem at least some of the noxious flow of the so called "festive"season. The Tongue turned out on mass with the the philosophically aligned Boneshakers amply filling a few voids in a massive chopper and tallbike convoy of glory. Taking no chances with the volatile yet sweetly vunerable Bones we filled them with burnt sausage before taking off to our first port of call. With most of the 22 strong fleet already half tanked and Jimmy Stash's tunes riding with us the Antichrist-mas vibe was palpable in a sweaty crotch inane giggling hoon kind of way. The Jolly Miller's beer garden was closed but since this venue is jointly owned 70/30 by The Boneshakers and Tongue of Fire we had it opened up. Beer beer beer. Time to meet first-timers and catch up with out-of -towners and indulge in some head-banging to the duke box. Then it was off to portal #2 (The Bridge To Nowhere) and into western zone of Tongue Territory. Well if there's a pub that loves the Tongue it's the Wheatie so naturally the moist dewey garden of earthly delights opened before us. By this stage Graham had drunk half his bottle of bourbon and was up to his old tricks of trying to get people to touch him on the pesch. Perhaps indicative of this crowd he didn't seem to be having much trouble. The journey back to HQ is a bit hazy but suffice to say that Tongue of Fire and The Boneshakers ruled the roads. Stay tuned for the upcoming drain ride and Holy Grail attendence (full costume and jousting).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


If one looks closely you can see the Xmass spirit in the Kiddies little faces...

Merry Viking crotch-mass/ i mean xmass Queen of port...