Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rides, Rides, Rides

Here we go:

Thursday 13th July. Meet HQ 6.00pm. Head into town. Via some pubs then hit the South parklands BMX track. Showcase skills. Owsome. Off to the secret UFO landing site (via some pubs) where a we shall compete in a Last Foot Down Derby. No holds barred. Back to HQ or general dissapation via pubs etc. Difficulty factor 6.5/10 (varies).

Sunday 30th July. Meet HQ 10am. Load bikes into trailers and then whooshka up to Mt Lofty Lookout for coffee then stretching. Yes thats right point em downhill and let gravity weave is magic. A good one for those WHO LIKE SCREAMING. All you have to do is be at HQ by 10am. Premium deluxe. Difficulty factor 8/10. Recommended for the more expreienced chopper rider.

Sunday 27th August. MudButtMonkey & Gravy's Tallbike Convention. This will be a genuine event to which other Tallbikers and their allies will be invited to COMPETE with Tongue of Fire for glory in the Arena of Scrapey. Jousting, racing, derby and misbehavioury. Endeavours in which we should hold the advantage. Details soon.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


It is great to see all U chopper riders taking so much poetic pride in your low riding steeds, The tallbike faction of TOF has been rather quiet, not feeling the need to embellish our majestic conveyance's. Here we have a clasic example of Gravey engineering or is this over engineering in the "War Monger" looking every bit the battle hardered warrior.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nature's Gentleman

OK lets have another bike. A whimsical dandy of a machine. Born in an instant from the nexus of two failures. Nature's Gentleman can sense your emotions. Fear will be amplified into oscillating wobbles of doom. General well-being translates into an aristocratic forward motion. " Ah! "you say,"room for a six-pack in the chip frier welded on the back!" Seems obvious but this beauty is so finely balanced between perfection and disaster that anything weightier than a packet of Winney 25s will send it bucking into the gutter.
Pure Class.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Activity Report

Enchopulation day was a success with a couple of choopers close too completion and a couple more on the way. Spent the first half of the day tooling around and the second half carving up the streets on many sweet machines. An impromptu joust came and went without any serious injury.
Mystery ride. No beer. Well organised. A friendly cohesive group. Not a jazz cigarette to be seen. No sneering(except by me). It seems not everyone does it Tongue Style. Still it was all worth it to see that unwashed MonkeyButt fall off Skylab in front of thirty people. Ho ho!

More Bars

Skidmark has his uses, the bar on its first outing was an outrageous success, action shot taken from skylab as the troop returned home.

Big Bars

Turbos bars and beautiful fawks are a stunning combo with those Gravey Britches, where can i get some?

Old Friends

"Too cool for School" Trixiboy reunited with his childhood dragstar, an elizibeth star, dig the shirt bro.

Friday, June 09, 2006


And low it was MIGHTY. Behold the HornRing. Made entirely from scrap except for the steering thingy which was bought from a vw wrecker. Fully optioned with gears, brakes, patented anti-flop and a hornring. Trixiby painted it orange to make it easier to ride and less scary to the general public. Think you've got what it takes to ride this BEAST???? Come on down.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick and the chopperless

Enchoopulation day is filling quickly. Then again bring beer and everthing should be alright.

King & Queen

Yes it's the owsome King & Queen. This bike can stack it like no other. Queen for the day? Better have some elbow, knee and head protection. Yet what smooth ride . And once mastered arguably the fastest ship in the fleet. On your knees peasant...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Enchopulation Day

There will be a build day at HQ Saturday 13. If you are interested register your interest here.OK thanks to Captain Calender Pants for pointing out the anomoly. It will be SATURDAY TENTH. Not much notice but if you don't like it you can lick my donkey's poodle. Get your ideas happening and ready to go so you have a fighting chance of rolling out of HQ on a COMPLETED FULLY OPERATIONAL TONGUE OF FIRE BICYCULAR MUTATION! I'm getting all excited just writing about it...might have to go and whip up a quickie in the meantime. Bring beer.