Thursday, October 23, 2014


                 Yes, my pretties. It's that time of year
                again. Time to dust off the cobwebs,
                butcher some pumpkins and make sure the
                fake blood doesn't clash with your brand
                new skull motif T-shirt. 

                 It's Halloween, or 'Toungers Christmas' as
                some may call it, and of course that means
                getting your gore on and terrorising the
                civilian population from the safety and 
                comfort of a blood splattered freak-bike.

                  When: Friday 31st October.
                             6:30pm for 7pm start

                  Where: West Terrace Rotunda

                   What: City-centric pedaling mayhem.
                              Possible critical mass crashing
                              and showing of how it's done 
                              properly, then heading out to
                              the Bike Kitchen for refreshments,
                              where 'Pin-up Jimmy' has promised
                              to lead us in a dance-off against the

                      Why: Because Stock Bikes;
                              " suck...your *some text missing*"

                Costume is not mandatory for this ride but as
                 we all know those who do ride in costume are 
                 just a better class of person. 

               FLY MY PRETTIES!!