Friday, June 15, 2007

Bone Tongue & The Shakers of Fire

After spending a pleasant evening spinning through the streets of the city De Layed with BoneShakers Bill, Tony, Pasco & Aaron, The Supreme Overlord Gravox noticed some interesting (at least from an anthropological perspective) features to this unique species. After ferociously guzzling a variety of beverages it became obvious they were in desparate need of a very specific type of sustainance. With ever increasing urgency came their guttural demands for "a filthy dirty", "a beef and shit","a dirty asian" and more. Such was their need for these strange foods that when we arrived at a possible vendor only to find it had been stolen by aliens the onset of a strange condition to which the BoneShakers are prone, "Cranio Cratification", became apparent in at least one member. Luckily the quick thinking Jimmy Stash guided us to a nearby yiros shop where we were able to at least placate most them temporarily. Unfortunately the vegetable content was too high and the meat content too low for one of the group who had already been forced to eat his "dry smoke". This drove him into an inconsolable rage with much incoherent raving, throwing of the offending yiros, violent displays including the distinctive BoneShaker "flush" all interspersed with manic cackling.
All we can derive from this valuble experience is that if out with the BoneShakers it is vitally important to memorise the location of these food sources or at the very least have some meat handy until the correct victuals are obtainable.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


HQ 7.30 .

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Perhaps an idea for a ToF ride....?

London's "World Naked Bike ride"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hay Gravy stains.... Ow i Mean your royal Highness, Tiss your ever loyal MB monkey here informing you that your grossly neglected and underfunded PR department has received an invite from the Unley city council that will make the fringe parade seen like a Sunday school picnic. I'm having to clench to contain the excitement, (damn pitted prunes)
Its the biggest news the departments had in ages, since u raised our weekly wage from 1 banana to 2 and a grape for over time back in 78. Il have that rather attractive young gibbon u gave me as a sectary forward you the details to the royal residence asap. long live the King.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bone of Fire Or Tongue Shakers

The two premier bicycle collectives of Adelaide - Tongue of Fire and The Boneshakers will once again quite likely merge to form a whole way beyond the sum of it's parts. It will be a Thursday when yet again CHOPPERS RULE THE EARTH. Stay posted for useful updates including times and dates.