Friday, March 22, 2013


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It is with great anticipation that the Tongue is preparing its team for the inaugural Macclesfield Gravity Festival.   SUNDAY APRIL 7TH thrill seekers, with local Boneshaker Shady Speedway generously opening an invitation to stay and party at his den of sin the night before.
Gravity bikes and billy carts will propel their riders towards everlasting self-perpetuating glory.
Don't forget kiddies - entry forms - found online here -
- must be in by Friday 22nd March - correctly marked with ToF as your team.
Here are a few pics from a brief warm up session on the weekend.

Yes, there was heart stopping racing, spine chilling carnage and lip stretching grins all round.
Get amongst it!


A couple of steeds have recently escaped the loose confines of Tongue captivity.  They have been seen roaming the palindromatic seaside locale of Glenelg.  Seems they don't even need their faithful riders to freak out the squares.

Overheard loudly spoken conversation from the above pictured Bill and Ted dolls -

Faaaarkenn  siiickest  caaarnt!!
We should totally buy this
And, look, we can both ride it at the same time
I can sit up here and you can sit back here
This carnt's joined all these together
Farken sick carnt
And look at that carnt -
(pointing at photographer)
He's all, like, that bike's so sick I've gotta take a foto of it


Whilst the Marauders excel at beer consumption, general hot air production and the production of offspring,they have been known to visit the Chop Shack for superior engineering consults. Behold the Phoenix ---> Marauder produced rear end tall with finely crafted Tongue style fork.


Monday, March 04, 2013


What makes a grown man grin like this?

A fine tall bike.

 The Star Trek

Friday, March 01, 2013


It has been rumoured that tall bike jousting exists only the Tongue's medievel past...
The gauntlet has been thrown.  Set aside Saturday 30th March - Easter weekend for mild brutality and the pummeling of professional hipsters. 

Also the possibility of a weather pending type of adventure requiring lights...

Stay tuned for details..