Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Much Tongue Action

Tongue Of Fire co-founder, builder of the HornRing, meaty rockstar and Top Bloke Trixiboy a.k.a. Pat will turn 40 so naturally there will be SEVEN shit hot bands playing at the Boneshaker/Tongue owned venue The Jolly Miller Saturday 26th starting 7pm. Those wishing to down a sausage and possy-up with the Tongue should be at HQ by 6pm. And the line up? Cop this: Meatray, Backseat Romeos, The Toss, Cock, Kamikaze, Fiendish Cavendish and Ricochet Pete. If you don't like steaming hot, pungent Rock shovelled in your face by sexy hairy people then don't fuckin come.

AND THEN: Saturday May 10th: The 3rd Lofty Screamathon. You know the drill. HQ 11am.