Monday, July 31, 2006

pride and joy

Hows your funky rear end fix now Scully?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

funk fix

Friday, July 28, 2006

Flab Adjustment

"Click 4 Enlargement" Veers your helmeet Zigfreid? This SpeciMan was captured preening & prancing pre cocktails. Loven those plastic nipples bro but where oh where is the bellybutton???

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ok Tonguers. A request has been made for us to help support a fundraiser for Abused Kids.
the Squatter arms is offering Food and Drinks in return for an appearance on 9th SEPT 4pm - 6pm In their car park

During these hours Children will be lurking around, so upmost care must be taken not to
do anymore damage to them. Ive made it clear that the Kids cannot ride the bikes.
BUT if Tongue of fire feels we are just too damn BAD ASS dangerous, We could arrive at the later time of 8pm + as
bands will continue performing on the truck through the night and all the little ones will be gone home.
But food and drinks may not be available at this time.
So Who's Up for IT.? and what time slot?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MBM & G's Tallbike Convention

Check details as they unfold at

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MudButtMonkey & Gravy's Tallbike Convention

The ButtMonkey & myself have been casting the net far and wide for this one. Critical Massers, Vegans, Couriers, Lone Wolves and generally anyone who'll listen. Scunna be big, maybe 100+ attendees. We've found a excellent venue close to town which, for security reasons will be posted close to the date. Sunday 27th August. If we have to do it all by ourselves we will but some help with the following would be good:
-Bike preparation. Get the entire fleet operational before the day.
-Bike riders/guardians. Take a TOF bike and guard it at your descretion. Get it back to HQ.
-Bar keep. We plan to do a $3 donation-can of beer exchange.
-Event officials to judge jousting, foot down ,etc
-DJ/musicians. Sound system?
-And lastly competitors to take on the rest of the world and HUMILIATE THEM!!!

Don't be shy, givvus a hand and be part of a big beautiful thing. The time to give back to the Tongue is nigh.

Drunken Riding

As I understand it :
1.Riding a pushbike intoxicated is an offence and your car license can be diqualified.
2.You can be pulled over and tested if you appear to be having difficulty controlling your bike.

What seems to happen:
1.Police will generally leave cyclists alone if they seem to be in control, are obeying the road rules, are wearing a helmet and have lights at night.

My thoughts:
1.We ride bikes that attract attention and are of dubious roadworthiness.
2.We often seem to be out of control even when sober.

1.Wear a helmet, have lights at night.
2.Plan to be on a bike track for the most drunken part of the ride ( not, for example riding down Hindley very loudly and drunkenly on a Thursday night. [can you have more fun?])
3. If pulled over by the cuntstabulary be polite, complaisant and apologetic in a mildly suprised way.

All this may seem too hard and probably is but your license could be at stake.

Mt Lofty

Still happening. Meet at HQ at 10am 30th Sunday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Underbridge Barflys

typical bar room seen in any pub, bloated bearded badly dressed beligerant barflys flying the flag ofconvenience the toongue erv fire leads the way on the day.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A few stills from the TOF Vs FAL DVD


DVD Now available of the Tongue of Fire Christmas ride

Video Clip of "Fear and loathing" Live @ The Squatters Arms
Featuring The best of TOF's two wheelin dance moves
email STITCH to Order your copy now :
$5.00 each for TOF members.
$5.00 each for FAL members
$8.00 each non members
Postage: $2.00 extra within Australia

Friday, July 14, 2006

snap shots

Some snapshots from thursday nights ride. tho the BMX track was wisely never reached fun was had! "Gravox" posing on Dennis Chopper, don't u just want to joust him in the head.
"Trixy Boy" who displaying super human piloting skills took the ringhorn in its maiden voyage, and then proceeded to take it off road/down hilling in search of UFOs, "what's his secret"? it ant a hemi thats for shore.
And right back at ya Lucy babe we got a photo of U! "StormBoy" and the StuntSpud interviewed and center of attention at the art exhibition, its art baby art, no ducks here.


Chunk666 may have their own founders but what was there B4 "the tougue" in adelaide????
We have seen them around, the old-schoolers, those solitary lone-wolves who were cruising the wilds on their own even B4 our gravox had ever picked up a grinder and taken that first intrepid step towards the Greaser. Thursday nights ride turned up one such rare and quite sociable gem in the form of "Jimmy" a peddle powered oneman band. His home built wheelchair trailer gained approval from our supreme overlord and fellow tongers, utilizing a fine display of bastidized headstems&bike parts + creative but solid wielding. Timmy fitted right on in and accompanied us on the rest of the ride, A big fan of the choppers say Hello to him if u see him about.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

montacute downhill madness

proposed run from thighbeards hideout sat12 AUGUST 10.30 depart HQ transport provided so numbers must be confirmed so that mini bus can be booked !! cost to be advised( est $10 ea. )please select dedicated ride to be transported fri evening to location ie lot51 motacute rd montacute (opp cemetery down dirt road first house on right ) ride commencing 12.30 pm approx after hearty bbq brunch at thighbeards bloody marys supplied... to proceed into cbd via payneham rd selected venues... only hardcore riders with bikes that can stop !! and a sense of foolhardy bravado and reckless abandon need apply please advise by phone your attendance 0400108511 or post declaration at HQ asap arrrrrrgggghhh

sorry bout the changes but me wooden leg be playin up

mini bus tis only option unless a volunteer skipper for the ship is found to deliver the crew from club rooms to hideout argh the pity

Monday, July 10, 2006

Cocktail Ride

Zip down to the bottom of the page for some video.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Arty Art Art

Evil K , on the brink of becoming a Tonguer, is exhibiting "Stormboy" the Funkbucket44 style chopper, built by Gravy and himself, at the (gasp) EAF as part of a group show. The opening is Thursday 13th 6pm. Tongue of Fire will be sending a special envoy to make sure things get out of hand. We were heading in to town anyway.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Ahh! MonCherry. Oh Doris Darling... I still won't accept you did it with Frank Zappa. But I love you OhDoris oh Doris. My favourite day of the week, of the month, of the year. Oh Doris.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Unfortunately I had to delete some Skeletor posts for security reasons so for all of you who love a buff, purple, gay super-villain...

The Heinous Media

Lately myself and others have been pursued by the media for what they think might make "nice small story". Firstly T.O.F. is a clandestine operation with no interest in publicity except for our own gratuitous ends. Secondly Murdoch and his like make my skin crawl.For any Tonguers gettin' all moist in the underpant over visions of themselves on the back of the Sunday Mail, and I know they're out there, the vision will not include the words Tongue Of Fire nor will it include any Tongue Of Fire bikes (obviously you can do what you like with your own bike) or Tongue of Fire religious artifacts or references to other Tonguers or Tongue Of Fire activity. IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL HAVE NO REFERENCE WHATSOEVER TO HQ OR ITS LOCATION. I suspect our operations are being monitored via this site so without notice it may disappear and reappear under our other name.
This is my decree
The Supreme Overlord Gravox.

Mitical Crass

MudButt on The Moodswinger, Paulo on The Secret Weapon and myself on Ricardo attended the June Critical Mass. Nice mellow ride with about 15 others. The route was as follows: Vic Square, Wakefield St, Frome St, Rundle St, Pulteney St, North Tce, King William St, Hindley St, Morphett St, Gouger St, Vic Square. Oh yes when we got back to Vic Square there was a man standing next to the fountain with a crooked stick and a magic chicken . The chicken was for sale discounted from $14.50 to $10.

Ramondo (Code name The Falcon)

A rather yawningly elegant and functional tall. Favoured jousting mount of the undefeated MonkeyButt. Curse his foul sphincter. His day will come.