Wednesday, July 12, 2006

montacute downhill madness

proposed run from thighbeards hideout sat12 AUGUST 10.30 depart HQ transport provided so numbers must be confirmed so that mini bus can be booked !! cost to be advised( est $10 ea. )please select dedicated ride to be transported fri evening to location ie lot51 motacute rd montacute (opp cemetery down dirt road first house on right ) ride commencing 12.30 pm approx after hearty bbq brunch at thighbeards bloody marys supplied... to proceed into cbd via payneham rd selected venues... only hardcore riders with bikes that can stop !! and a sense of foolhardy bravado and reckless abandon need apply please advise by phone your attendance 0400108511 or post declaration at HQ asap arrrrrrgggghhh

sorry bout the changes but me wooden leg be playin up

mini bus tis only option unless a volunteer skipper for the ship is found to deliver the crew from club rooms to hideout argh the pity


Blogger The Supreme Overlord Gravox said...

Will transport myself and bike. EEeeyaarghu!

6:38 PM  

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