Friday, May 31, 2013


Vicious rumors will be substantiated.
June long weekend.
Departing Saturday, pedal to Meadows.
Overnight indoor dossing confirmed.
Sunday morn, across to McLaren Vale.
Set up in the caravan park, meet with support vehicle, non touring attendees, spend the arvo cellar door cycling.  Bone Shakers are threatening to join for Sunday eve on their European 'power assisted' contraptions.
There will be lots of Sea to Vines festivities on.
Monday, casual return to town.
All welcome.
Weather pending, TBC mid week.


The Tongue of Fire recently sent a special envoy in search of the mythical Boneshaker cave.  Rumored to be hidden away in a volcano, high in the Adelaide alps, filled with blacksmith oompa loompas, it was no mean feat that our representatives finally tripped across their goal.  A small meet and greet was convened amongst candle light at Fat Tony's den of sin before being graciously received by sizzling flesh in the true heart of Boneshaker worship.  Secret powders were exchanged before a ritual Sturmey rubbing ceremony. (This resembles something like Scrooge McDuck's money diving escapades)  The Boneshakers then led a local ramble in the pine forest surrounding their volcano, pleasantly received, aside from a particularly nasty funk, apparently emitting from a pile of dead rotting factory produced choppers.

Vive le Bone Shakeerrz!

Monday, May 13, 2013


A weekend punctuated by Mother's Day has been celebrated in parallel by Tonguers in the form of lovingly birthing a batch of new beasts.  As any mother will tell you,  nothing compares to the smell of a newborn.  This is especially true of the steaming grease, burnt paint, welding slag, sweaty odour emitted by these man-born franken-babies.

Check out the glee on the face of this proud parent.

Continued worship to our sacred Lengua del Fuego was in effect.  Our almighty deity was pleased with our offerings, seemingly vapourising refreshments from the esky, and assisted in blessing this particularly bouncy behemoth.

The following individuals warrant particular focused attention.
*******   Elvis  Boozely  the  Cripple  Esky  Cowboy  *******

** Big Chief Two  Legs bringing the next level (as usual) **

*******  Ned  Kelly  in  contemplation ******

Stay tuned for action shots.
Discussions are underway for June long weekend adventures..