Monday, May 13, 2013


A weekend punctuated by Mother's Day has been celebrated in parallel by Tonguers in the form of lovingly birthing a batch of new beasts.  As any mother will tell you,  nothing compares to the smell of a newborn.  This is especially true of the steaming grease, burnt paint, welding slag, sweaty odour emitted by these man-born franken-babies.

Check out the glee on the face of this proud parent.

Continued worship to our sacred Lengua del Fuego was in effect.  Our almighty deity was pleased with our offerings, seemingly vapourising refreshments from the esky, and assisted in blessing this particularly bouncy behemoth.

The following individuals warrant particular focused attention.
*******   Elvis  Boozely  the  Cripple  Esky  Cowboy  *******

** Big Chief Two  Legs bringing the next level (as usual) **

*******  Ned  Kelly  in  contemplation ******

Stay tuned for action shots.
Discussions are underway for June long weekend adventures..


Anonymous El Grapadora said...

Once again, Jimmy the Fist has adeptly sidestepped any focused attention, cunningly hiding his agreeable scent from the hungry newborns. His survival is assured and he will live to return on another day, fighting fit and ready to instigate, agitate, fabricate, disseminate and inseminate all, over again.

3:58 AM  

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