Monday, April 22, 2013


So much news to catch up on!
Timely that we start with recent superstar Bonnie Bones, running hot right now with her Easter escapades.
Seems the SA coppers have facebook page of their own and love to make light of their work.
This post has had received maximum attention and has not yet been up a day.
Can't work out what's more amusing, giggling at the coppers or giggling at bemused punters commentary. Double bizzaro all round we say!
Lazy reporting on behalf of Adelaide Now also features her machine -

Oh, and Captain Sunnyboy took a hit for the team on this day also.   Though it may have been foolish to try and out run rabid cantstables on a klunky tall bike.. Anyway, he deserves a beer..

More Easter Bunny updates soon with gravity smashing updates shortly after.


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