Thursday, April 25, 2013


We rang Mr. Newton to come and give us a hand to test this thing called gravity.
 He kindly obliged and divulged a few secrets of how to get the most out of yr descending.

The SCUD - Gravity Bike from James Dodd on Vimeo.

First up we see the THE SCUD - an adaptation of SCUM and SPUD, or was that STUD?  There was definitely some high level cross breeding going on here.  Given a gentle push from The Fist, Elvis Boozely promptly shot off into the stratosphere..

 Second - a slightly more rickety proposition - THE TANG.  A machine that required repeated testing in order to bring it to it's final resolution.  Not as much a land speed record HPV as more of a heavily styled, solid mid fielder; THE TANG still generated enough momentum to inspire sphincter clenching grins and high end whooping.  Maybe not high performance enough to handle the top of Queen Caroline's Highway of Pain but definitely enough to handle the less terrifying bottom half.


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