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Eight years down the track and still rolling. What does ToF mean to me? Fun. The fun of making bikes, the fun of riding bikes. Independence. Being independent of money, groups, government, rules. Doing what we want when and where we want. Not being used by people who see something in ToF that they can work to their advantage. Being an unexpected incident in the lives of people.
The clamouring for ToF to be involved in stuff increases. And the stuff becomes more mainstream and controlled all the time. Government. Corporate sponsors. I feel that if ToF chooses to involve itself in an event it should be on it's own terms and ToF should come out on top, singe'd and reeking of beer.
There has been a great deal of change within ToF over the last two years. New people, new energy. Most importantly bikes are getting built again and this is a good sign.
The Tongue is the result of people doing stuff. The more an individual does the more effect this has on the nature of ToF. Some have done a lot in a short time. Some have done a lot in little bits over a long time. Some have just done a lot. Some people just turn up and ride. All this input has made ToF what it is. No one owns it, people should be able to have a say.
Now is the time for people to have a say. What does the Tongue mean to you ?
Anyone involved in the Tongue who doesn't have permission to post on this blog can email me, Lord Gravoxx ....bert(dot)john65(at)gmail(dot)com....and I will give you permission. This is for expressing what ToF means to you, not for attacking the beliefs of others.


Blogger TallBikes said...

the thing that struck me about the tongue as it grew was 1; its under ground nature-standing for nothing answering to no one 2; and that it had a communal heart... especially where exposure to public was concerned, many organisations requested TOF's presence, [the main opening of the tour down under, unley gala, interviews by the Sunday mail and the Australian] all were discussed debated and most turned down, except the fringe parade crashing, and some Fear and Loathing collaboration, oh and that dodgy local movie thing...
So reading resent Bike SA posts inviting people on TOF rides is a bit out there for me personally. we have turned them down 3 times b4... id like to see the group keep the underground side of TOF alive and make these choices as a group, especially where exposure to the public's concerned.
That's what the name used to mean for me, a lot of people bleed for this name, some lost bits of their anatomy because of the name... some didn't make it... We have history, lets remember it for direction as a group.
All for more building and riding always, but if people are going public with their stuff, how about we consider a pubic events name for those who want to peddle that path, just an idea

9:55 PM  
Blogger TallBikes said...

haaa honest spelling mistake to good to change "a pubic events name"

10:24 PM  

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