Tuesday, July 09, 2013


A couple of Sundays ago a decent contingent of Tongue were joined by a full compliment of Boneshakers and the usual 50 percent of Marauders. Meeting first at the Adelaide City Council Franklin St wasteland, the day's tour took a meandering loop of the city parklands. Gooogle was fast out of the gate - witness below a flying bolivian orangutang shifting his machine into warp speed in order to overtake an alien vehicle powered by some child from the future.
Next event was the freak bike cyclocross, followed by a drinks break. Colonel Spaghetti Napalm explains here the high velocity benefits of 100 mile an hour tape and the Green Bastard took time out from practicing his fountain diving to present his tall bike, tall can, stubbie holder attachment.
A quick visit to the Japanese bungalow and a casual mainy down the Rundle Strip rounded out the days activities. Gooogle then proceeded to burn off his excess energy in a fine display of mad skids.


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