Friday, August 09, 2013

What the Tongue means to me. Gooogle.

In the world before Tongue, primal chaos reigned.
Stockies sought order, but the Chopper can only fly when it's forks are grown.
The Four Welders formed again, and yet again,
as endless Fixies wheeled and passed.
Time, and the pure essences of Hotels,
the moistures of the Esky,
and the powers of the Saw and the Hammer,
all worked upon a certain frame-old as creation,
and it became magically fertile
That first Freak was named Tongue,
Lord Gravoxx, the Father Beard said:
"With our Grinders we make the world"
Elemental forces caused the wheels to spin,
From it then came a Stoned Tonguer

The Nature of Tonguers was Irrepressible!!

Also, due to this irrepressibility, in my opinion, The Tongue of Fire Bike Club,
which I love even more than touching myself, should avoid publicity and media
sluttage unless somehow agreed upon by a council of Elder-beardies to be
massively in our favour, without restriction to our freedoms, and not just for the
benefit of 'the few'. Let's face it. We all enjoy a bit of Exhibitionism, but we must be
 careful not to lose grip on this wonderful thing we have by letting the
 'Thin edge of the wedge' of outside influence anywhere near our workings.
 Pubicity, on the other hand, I have no problem with.

        TONGUE ON!!


Blogger Bad Santa said...

Nice, I like it. A bit like your bikes realy.I might have gone a reference to Shaver Dude in the Tathagata bit but it may have been to obscure.

11:46 AM  
Blogger danKouriah said...

TRUTH. Quest for it.

8:12 AM  

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