Friday, August 09, 2013

The Radicals Formerly Known As

This is the beginning of my response.  I note sensitivity, complexity and the ideals of constructive criticism.  It goes something like this…

It is with great enthusiasm that I give my energy to the Tongue.  I agree with the sentiments of all of this discussion and whilst not personally present in formative times, I hold the utmost respect for that history.  Further to this, I will happily admit a schoolgirl like yearning that I held for the Tongue long before I began to participate.

In relation to specific recent events, it was somewhat of an experiment in giving positive recognition to a lineage of ideas and the idea of joining forces with other organisations.  It was an experiment that yielded distinct results.  It was a learning experience, conducted first-hand, that resulted in a clarity of understanding that comes only from immediate contact with an action.  Certainly, I would not choose to approach similar opportunities in the same way in the future.  It was very disappointing to see our proud title bandied about by others in ways that were not the intention of original discussions.

The idea of communication is one that I love.  It’s flaw, however, is that it needs people to engage with it on a regular basis for it to work.   I want the Tongue to burn bright both in people’s minds and in reality.  I want it to live long and prosper and am committed to pursuing ways for this to occur.


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