Sunday, December 10, 2006

Devilish Hot

One for the hard men and women of TONGUE OF FIRE. The Anti-Christ himself had his clawed paw on the temperature dial and cranked it to 11. Helmets were used to protect against not only mind hackers but dead birds falling from the sky. Under the Tarp Maharl all the collective experience of The Dirty Dozen was put to the test in devising a plan to negotiate the hostile conditions. The plan: Ride to the closest pub. On arriving at the closest pub without any noticeable fatalities we decided to push on without even stopping for a beer! Pressing on through the stark and deserted streets of Hindmarsh The SupremeOverlord Gravox wondered if this might be a typical day, a bit on the cool side maybe, in our not too distant future as we continue to poison our planet with gay abandon. Surely there won't be enough cold beer save everyone. Our first survival station was the Jolly Miller. Out the back a little oasis welcomed us as did our host saying "you lot are welcome anytime". This strangely unfamiliar sentiment combined with the intense heat created an otherworldly atmosphere. Then it was off to the Wheatsheaf where once again we were welcomed. All this kind regard was making The Overlord's head spin which probabaly explains his lack of omnipotence on the pool table. Then Graham let everyone know if we didn't crank on to his place we were soft. Luckily the anti-radiation properties of Coopers were starting to take effect and the crew rolled on. Once at Graham's it was quickly ascertained his fridge contained a mini keg of Heineken which was duly commandeered by Mal Adjusted. Back at HQ we took a moment to enjoy the slight cooling of the planet before heading over to MeetyBites party under the protection of The Purple Avenger. Bonus points to Graham for powering the Colostomy across town in atomic heat, Kat for riding a three wheel tall in a kaftan and The Purple Avenger for keeping us safe from Mr Doof.


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