Monday, November 27, 2006


(Or S.A. Tongue Of Fire Day)
Adelaide City Council is looking at having a "Cyclovia" on January 14th 2007 . A cylovia is when city streets are closed to all traffic except cycles and pedestrians. The proposed streets are Gouger and Angus. Basically its an invitation to the Tongue to occupy a choice part of the city for a day. Imagine the Tongue lounging in all its al fresco glory at some overrated bar or cafe, heading off on sorties to freek the greek or target V.A.C (visable arse crack) with water cannons all in the good cause of raising the profile of bicycling. The Council has decided in a simultaneous moment of brilliance and stupidity to have at the same time as the Tour Down Under and so therefore there may be flocks of Racing Budgies trying to compete with the Tongue for a moment of glory. At the moment it is all pending a process of consultation with the traders and traffic experts. Suprisingly the offices of Tongue Of Fire have not been contacted yet. Stay tuned.


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