Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anti-Christmas Ride 2 Details

December 9th 11.00am bbq at HQ. B-Y-O! Thats right BRING SOMETHING. Fuelled & ready we proceed to the Grassy Slope Of Carnage for some match racing. Slap your money down, whoever wants to matches the dollars then race. Winner takes all!!! Then down the hill to publand. Thats as much as has been planned so far. Hopefully some old names will come out of hiding & join the new talent for this one. Sir Egmont Pedals, Crispy on the Grease, RaddleVonHack & The Gimp, Meetybites, The Mongrel, Skeletor,Trixiboy,DannyGirl, Mr Tetanus, Stitch, Mal Adjusted and The Chick From Hush.


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