Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Toxic Liver Is A Clean Mind

He who was formerly known as The Supreme Overlord Gravox has returned from a pilgrimage to a mystical land where he sought self -knowing through over eating. Fearlessly ploughing through ramen, sushi, soba, udon, kara-age, shabu-shabu, yaki-soba, yaki-tori, negi-tori, suki-yaki and iki-zukuri He who was formerly known as The Supreme Overlord Gravox ate himself into the Seven Rings of Understandings from whence He surmounted the Thousand Layered Pyramid of Future Potentiality before plummeting profoundly into The Abyss of Doubtfulness and finally crawling into The Cave of Inky Blackness And Dark Velvety Feeling Walls. And it was here that He sat surrounded by His thoughts as they emerged from the depths like those freaky fluro organisms that live in the deep oceans. Gradually these bioluminescent fragments of conciousness scattered at the coming of an ominous question named Ulong-Cha. "How best can you serve the Tongue?" the question hissingly posed. But he who was now formerly formerly known as The Supreme Overlord Gravox knew the answer and the answer was called CRUNK. "The Supreme Overlord Gravox will learn to crunk and for the Tongue he will crunk it hard!" (Naturally these types of metaphysical goings on need to be cleared through Skeletor first but I'm pretty sure it'll be alright)


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