Monday, November 20, 2006

More Anti-Christmas Ride 2 Details

Hey remember how on the Anti-Christmas Ride 1 Skeletor spontaneously combusted at The Guitar Off ? I can't so it was great to see Meetybites' magnifico video shortie "The Skelitor Files".
Speaking of Meetybites he's having a party Dec 9th at 8pm to which T.O.F. is invited. Same day as the Anti-Christmas Ride 2. Therefore I suggest, nay, DECREE we start the HQ BBQ 1pm, depart HQ 3pm, visit The Stump Hump ( not the Grassy Slope Of Carnage) for match racing or not, then loop Squatters, Wheatsheaf, Lady Daly, Land Of Promise back to HQ or MeetyBites' abode for pizza then party. The party is Sci-Fi and the dress code black and silver which will therefore be the dress code for the ride. Make an effort and do T.O.F. proud. Remember something for the BBQ, money for pizza and BYO for the party. Black and Silver Sci-Fi dress code. It will be a long day so I personally will need to pace myself. Can somebody remind me I said that.


Blogger TallBikes said...

the first ride with the overlord bac on deck ohhhh the anticipation....'pass yourself'??? this i have to see...dont forget those knee pads old bean.

10:18 PM  

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