Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Skeletor Invitational

Will Skeletor be there? How many times has T.S.O.G. heard this? Yes, no, yes, possibly, who can say? Skeletor can fly through a Super Being's awareness like a sandfly through a mosquito net. Spotted here Mista Charisma sips on some lurid concoction while he reads the brainwaves of everyone in a 6km radius just as a normal person might flip through the Sunday Mail. T.S.O.G. suggests the best way of getting Skeletor on a ride (although by no means guaranteed) would be for The Elusive One himself to arrange it. Thusly it has been decreed now we sit back and wait.


Blogger TallBikes said...

'Yerr' where did he sneak off to? hows the evil lord of the underworld going to defeat He-man take over castle greyskull and rule the universe if he shows up late and then runs away!!!

7:11 PM  

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