Tuesday, September 03, 2013


 The infamous Oz Rat PAtrol have been plotting and scheming in the nation's capital and extend a warm invitation to massive weird bike celebration during the October long weekend. Check it below.


Dear Super Supreme Overlord Gravoxxx (with extra chilli) and Sir Jimmy D Esq,

How the fuk be thee? Too long has the time been between nut-sack tearings, ankle breakings, and other such assorted fun that usually accompanies the riding of silly bikes.  

Thought I would tip you off about a wee bit of excitement happening up our way in a few month’s time in case the ever illusive Tongue felt like a road trip. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it to you both in the distant past, but it’s getting close enough to give serious consideration now... the weekend of 18/19/20 Oct sees a stack of bike stuff happening in Canberra:

On the Friday night World-renowned impro musician and lesser-known freak-bike creator Jon Rose is aiming to have created 80 noise making bikes and send them around a track laid out in an old WWII aircraft hangar in the heart of the porn-district of Fyshwick. The site has a capacity of 2000 people. It will have beer. Rat Patrol Oz is supplying both bikes suitably strapped up with noise making devices and riders for some of the other contraptions (like a piano bike). Tongue would be welcome to join the fray as under or over the radar as she chose. More info here: http://www.canberra100.com.au/calendar/view/830/the-canberra-pursuit/

On Sat, there’s a bike polo tournament happening all day down by the lake with an spot right next to it that screams ‘arena of scrapey’. In the same Fyshwick hangar all day there’s a homage to more wheel based stuff (mainly cars with the odd bit of car crushing, roller derby, angle grinding chrome and rubber fashion parade, and Mark Seymour (from Hunters and Collectors) playing into the night with a band created for the event called the Petrosexuals.

On Sunday there’s a tweed ride expecting around 100 riders complete with roving music gig.   

I’m sure any of you wishing to make the pilgrimage would be warmly billeted at Rat safe houses.

Your humble servant

Nancy Porker


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