Wednesday, July 04, 2007

tongue it 4 luck

Recently two of the more able bodied tonguers prone to physical exercise, entered in the Mountain Bike Clubs winter racing series.
How was it?
The Monkey thoroughly enjoyed the 3 laps of fox creek...
Where as the Fragle pictured here applying the tongue to various parts of his bike for reasons best known to himself complained of the lack of beer, lack of blood and all round Nancyness of the other competitors, who for some reason didn't seem to like being told to "eat dic" as he unleashed his dodgy! downhill, high speed overtaking maneuvers scattering them into the forest. Not to be deterred by their lack of appreciation he kindly waited on the side of the track between laps for them to catch up and pass him were-on he promptly repeated the procedure with much the same results proudly earning himself the nic-name "The DMR FuckWit" from his fellow competitors and amused spectators.

there are 6 more races to go one of which is on the 30th of Sept in Melrose (S,O,L country) it coincides with their fat tire festival long weekend, there will be Bands, Beer, parties, lots bikes and two of our own racing, (if they don't impose a fragle race ban that is)...sounds like a tongue weekend to me. any thoughts?


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