Friday, December 22, 2006

Special Envoy

Agent Bill of The Boneshakers has been in touch and made it abundantly clear that ToF is an organisation of Sooky la-las and powderpuffs who embark on dandy cruises only when conditions suit. The S.O.G was hardly in a position to argue as he sat on his vibrating massage chair, licking at some stawberry flavoured ice cream and complacently admiring his team of trained hamsters working away on his toe cheese. Agent Bill on the other hand was in the process of carving up the streets of Adelaide on a Friday night and downing large quantities of beer. Something which he claims to do every Friday night! Is it only me that finds this situation inherently fucked up? Tongue Of Fire is being out Tongued by a lone man on a chopper! T.o.F is being openly mocked by all and sundry on the streets of this town, streets that The Tongue used to own!! Streets that were awash with Tongue drippings!! WE are Tongue Of Fire! We must fight to recover our position at the very tippy tip top of the Chopper Pyramid!!! Therefore we must meet with the Boneshakers on a Friday night and show them how we do!!!! The S.O.G personally can't go next Friday as he is washing AND conditioning his hair but Friday 5th, 19th or 26th are possible. Who's up for it? The S.O.G will expect an overwhelming response via the usual channels of communication.


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