Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Supreme Powers

I'm sorry but elegant art nouveau style advertising images simply have no place on this blog. I put up with it for a couple of days but enough is enough. Youse have all been warned. While I'm here I will let you know that those uppity self professed media sluts, Rat Patrol Oz, have challenged the Tongue to take them on at a little aqua-chopper racing in the Berra around March 24. The designing, building and racing of an aqua-chopper and the defeating of Rat Patrol in Sport present little in the way of challenges for the Tongue of Fire. However since organising and implementing a once monthly ride of more than six people seems beyond us Canberra may as well be in another galaxy. In fact if you look at its inhabitants....Anyways thats the deal. Should anybody be able to make it they'd be guaranteed of a good time with those sexy intergalactic Rat people.


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