Saturday, January 13, 2007

Low Act

The Tongue is now forcing its way into dark, moist passages. Subterranean and although we haven't seen any, no doubt full of the undead. To this end the T.o.F.D.A.D.A. (Tongue of Fire Development And Debauchery Arm) has created a new class of machine : the Draincrawler. Leading the way T.S.O.G. presents the first of such prototypes "Demon Seed". Soon to be equipped with halogen zombie spotters, back up generator powered zombie spotter, Anti- Yabby Crutch Protection(TM), Anti-Slime Stabilizers (TM), Anti-Cranial Impact Ride Height Default and imitation sixties pop art seating.
SKELETOR'S SEASIDE RIDE. This should be a good one. Pack a beach towel and a change of sphincter since there will be considerable distance involved. T.S.O.G. personally will be taking his #2 medium hard in Hawaiian sunset print as a spare. Those expecting the usual Gravox SMS reminder service forget it as the Supreme mobile fell in a creek during drain entrance manuoevers.


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