Monday, June 29, 2009


Big, big thanks
Mal, Jamie, Hilly, Kim and Lyn for transport
Bill for wood, Irv for brazier and gas
Raw Spud, Meat Tray, Squid Jag, Fiendish Cavendish, Toxic Shock, Fear & Loathing and all the other musicians for an absolutely fantastic night of ROCK
Lyn for brewing TWO kegs of choice beer
Tod and Pat for setting up the shed, fixing bikes and getting bands
Pasco for general help and enthusiasm
Terril for the trophy
Gray for accomodating the entire Rat Crew
Everyone who helped out in some way
Everyone who came and had a good time, especially our beautiful mates from Canberra who are probably still driving as I type this
The Tongue loves:
Rat Patrol Oz
The Boneshakers
The Knuckleheads
Club Safari
Ready Set Ride
and all the Lone Wolves and swingers that made it a great day


Anonymous Anonymous said...

super max fun - Good work Tongue of Fire

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right back at ya Tongue! Much gratitude and adulation to you our furry friends.

Ratzilla wishes your fine city and finer inhabitants peace and only the odd bit of mayhem... until we meet again!

Nancy Porker, Limp Jimmy, Darf Bender, Two Humps, Two Stroke, Bloody Mary, Socket G'ary, Loose Brown, Red "Dogga" Rocko, and all the other Rats who wish they coulda made it!

2:10 PM  

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