Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dashwood Gully road runs between Kangarilla and Meadows, sort of east west. About 2km west of Meadows Brookman Road runs south off Dashwood Gully Road. Follow it for about 3.5kms and Chookarloo campground is on your left. Another 2km after that is the Kuipto Information Centre where you can get your camping permits if you want. Directly after the information centre on the left is a dirt road going up the hill. About 2kms up the hill on the right is a gate. Enter here and proceed directly back down the hill next to the fence you just crossed. Take the first track on your left and you are at the top of The Spooky Forest Racetrack. Racing starts at 3pm. Otherwise meet us at HQ 10am Saturday.


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