Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Drain Ride

So, Adelaide decided to piss down in the middle of a proported heat wave...
Leading to an event that will become known as a No Drain Ride.
Attendance sorted the skirts from the pants though apologies were accepted from true adventurers currently cycle touring around the apple isle.  A very enjoyable pleasure cruise was had, taking in the picturesque banks of the Muddy Torrens, a fully Greek festival, Rundle Rumble and return.

Freaking genius building, once again, from Two Legs, unveiling his simply wonderful Stranger Danger.  Here is a shot, below, of Wet Willy the Fountain Diver trying out the fruits of Two Legs' awesome brain.  That was, shortly before the mad builder tried to actually show us his brains by using the tried and true tall bike dismount as way of creating a hatch in one's cranium.

We took a family trip to the Emergency Ward and spent a little time busking out the front.
Our man is quite pleased with his shiny new staples, though he was disappointed they were unavailable  in titanium.  Here's a game for the kiddies - count the staples - ten in all - earning him a very handsome new nickname El Grappadora - the staple gun.


Blogger T.S.O.G. said...

Nice. Finally I can relax knowing T.O.F. is back to it's former glory. Tasty machines, juicy trauma, lyrical waxation.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous El Grappadora said...

It was like somebody cracked open the piggy bank and all good sense fell out.

11:27 AM  

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