Sunday, August 06, 2006

Musings of a Velo Despot

Mt Lofty Screamathon. The Screaming Tongue of Fire descending out of the mist. However long I have to wait to do that again will be too long. First timers Evil K, Pete F, Verinna & Jimmy James chose a good one. Onya Crispy for transport and Sir Pedals & MudButt for their help. Can't forget the sheer delight on peoples faces and Skeletors exploding saddle. Yet another occasion where Tongue of Fire ruled the road.
Up next is the Montacute Madness - don't forget to let Thighbeard know whats happening. Refer to his July post for details.
Then of course there is MudButtMonkey & Gravy's Tallbike Convention. Plenty of local interest but the interstate rodents have gone quiet.... probably realised they were getting in over their ratty heads. Just joking Porker & Co. You are welcome. Haven't heard back from Scum either. Probably going to church that Sunday or polishing their shiny bits. Other than that it's a goer. Who will triumph in the Blinkered Figure of Eight Racing? What manner of carnage will ensue in the Circle of Doom? Which jouster shall reign supreme?
Then finally, of course, there is my brilliant idea that surpasses everything. Will let you know about that.


Blogger TallBikes said...

spread the word for sat yee screvy sea rats, il be taking care O transport org. All in 4 the not so good captain thigh beard mee heartys, "ahhrggg"

9:34 PM  

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