Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Heinous Media

Lately myself and others have been pursued by the media for what they think might make "nice small story". Firstly T.O.F. is a clandestine operation with no interest in publicity except for our own gratuitous ends. Secondly Murdoch and his like make my skin crawl.For any Tonguers gettin' all moist in the underpant over visions of themselves on the back of the Sunday Mail, and I know they're out there, the vision will not include the words Tongue Of Fire nor will it include any Tongue Of Fire bikes (obviously you can do what you like with your own bike) or Tongue of Fire religious artifacts or references to other Tonguers or Tongue Of Fire activity. IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL HAVE NO REFERENCE WHATSOEVER TO HQ OR ITS LOCATION. I suspect our operations are being monitored via this site so without notice it may disappear and reappear under our other name.
This is my decree
The Supreme Overlord Gravox.


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