Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rides, Rides, Rides

Here we go:

Thursday 13th July. Meet HQ 6.00pm. Head into town. Via some pubs then hit the South parklands BMX track. Showcase skills. Owsome. Off to the secret UFO landing site (via some pubs) where a we shall compete in a Last Foot Down Derby. No holds barred. Back to HQ or general dissapation via pubs etc. Difficulty factor 6.5/10 (varies).

Sunday 30th July. Meet HQ 10am. Load bikes into trailers and then whooshka up to Mt Lofty Lookout for coffee then stretching. Yes thats right point em downhill and let gravity weave is magic. A good one for those WHO LIKE SCREAMING. All you have to do is be at HQ by 10am. Premium deluxe. Difficulty factor 8/10. Recommended for the more expreienced chopper rider.

Sunday 27th August. MudButtMonkey & Gravy's Tallbike Convention. This will be a genuine event to which other Tallbikers and their allies will be invited to COMPETE with Tongue of Fire for glory in the Arena of Scrapey. Jousting, racing, derby and misbehavioury. Endeavours in which we should hold the advantage. Details soon.


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