Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Fringe Parade Gets Tongued

We came, we saw, we paraded, we combusted. I believe I'm correct in saying everyone had a flamin' good time. Thanks to Monkeybutt for organization. A compilation of The Chick From Hush's excellent footage is available on DVD. Has anyone got photograghic evidence to post?
A rumour I have heard is that Skidmark and Crispy are plotting a downhill extravaganza from Mt. Lofty no less. Better check the brakes for that one. If you have any.


Blogger Sir Egmont Pedals said...

The rumour is true!
Chrispy's idea is a launch at the lofty look-out for high-tea, and then on down at your own pace, or your bikes prefered pace.
Full body armour would be recommeded and thick soled shoes. Mmmmm burning rubber.

9:03 PM  
Blogger ExtraGravy said...

WHOOOOHOOOOOO! Can't fuckin' wait.

9:47 AM  

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